Friday, 6 May 2011

Let's Practice : Determiners - Articles

Hello students!

This time around, I would like you to meet my friend, Grammarman.
Grammarman and me together have the same goal which are to help students learning grammar and to fight those who responsible for bad grammar.

Grammarman faced with an unusual problem recently.
Can you help him? 

So, here is the task that Grammarman needs you to complete.
Remember! The blanks must be filled with articles A, An or The.
Good luck!

1) There's ____ unusual problem in Verbo City. 

2) "____ army of ants has appeared from nowhere and they're stealing all of ____ articles"

3) This is ___ job for Grammarman! 

4) "I wish there was ___ way of communicating with these 'Article Ants'"

5) "Hey! It spoke, and it sounded like ____ same language Syntax speaks"

6) "Bzzt - they've been talking for more than ___ hour - bzzt!"

7) "Follow me, ____ Article Ants have ___ nest in ___ park, we can meet ___ Queen ant"

8) "So this where all ___ missing articles are"

9) "Grammarman, ____ Article Ants crashed here two weeks ago"

10) "It's ____ UFO! These ants are from space!"

Follow the adventure of Grammarman here :)

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